A few days ago I received an email
from an 85-year-old blogger.

He told me his friends ridiculed him
when he told them about his blogging

Luckily, my new friend isn’t phased
by a few “hecklers”.

He setup his own WordPress blog
and started sharing his knowledge
on the world wide web.

That’s the cool thing about the

It doesn’t matter how old (or how young)
you are.

There are 12-year old gamers making
money on YouTube.

A 90-year-old grandmother who has
nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

And millions of other people who are
now growing their own platform.

Building an audience on Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest,
Twitch, and LinkedIn.

Tapping into existing audiences.

My dad did the same thing.

He’s not 85. But he started his online
business after he retired from 30+
years of teaching middle school.

He now has over 700+ paid members
in his membership site.


It doesn’t matter how old (or how young)
you are.

Your education. Your race. Your gender.
Yor sexuality. Or what you look like
when you get out of bed.

Does NOT matter.

The Internet has eliminated the “gatekeepers”.

And given all of us an opportunity to grow
our tribe, share our knowledge, and make
an impact.

Plus… have a lot of fun along the way.

And in my mind – that’s a life worth living.

Whether you’re an 85-year-old blogger
or an 8th grade gamer on YouTube.

The Internet has opened the doors to
a worldwide audience.

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an audience, create your own products, and
make an impact – check out the Marketing Lab.


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