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Submit your Website or Blog to 2400+ websites
This service will submit your website or blog to 2400+ websites to help your site build backlinks and to help your site get crawled and indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engine sites.

These are 2 of the keys that contribute to your website’s success!

Having more backlinks will mean that the search engines will crawl your website or blog more frequently. This can contribute to improving the rankings of your website or blog in the search engine index pages (the search results)!
I will submit your website or blog home page to 2400+ websites within 1-2 business days of receiving the URL/Website or Blog Address (Link to your site).

This is a Cheap way to build backlinks and have your website or blog crawled by the search engines more often! 
The website where the submissions are being done are various different types of sites including search engines, domain information, website information, website statistics as well as some other types of websites. These types of website are good for whatever type of website or blog you have, so it doesn’t matter what topic / niche your site is about.

Some of these backlinks will be dofollow and some will be nofollow. Both will benefit your website or blog. Both types will help your website or blog get crawled by the search engines more frequently.
Many of the websites where the submission take place are high ranking authority sites which is good for your website or blog!

This service is good for 1 website or blog per purchase. If you need this service done for more than 1 website or blog then simply change the quantity to the amount you need (1 for each site) or make additional purchases for each site that you need the service for.
After you purchase this service please message me here on eBay the URL / website or blog address for the home page of your site (Link to your Site) that you want the submissions for. You may also add the URL/address by including it in the “Message to Seller” section of the invoice before you make the payment.
The submissions are usually completed within 1-2 business days of receiving your website URL/address, often less than 24 hours.
After the submissions are completed I will send you a message through eBay letting you know how many submissions your site received. There will be a minimum of 2400 submissions but it will usually be a little more than that.
If you want a detailed report on the submissions the please include and email address with your message or note on the invoice and I will send you a detailed report to that email address. eBay doesn’t give sellers your email address so that’s why you need to include the email address where you would like the detailed report sent to. If you don’t need the detailed report and you just want the number of submissions then no email address will be needed.
This must be for the main domain / website address OR a subdomain of your website or blog. This won’t work if your site is on a subfolder like
It has to be something like one of these: (can be .com, .net or any other extension, this works for all of them) (can be .com, .net or any other extension, this works for all of them) (can be .com, .net or any other extension, this works for all of them)
The service will work for ANY domain extension (the part after the “.”) so it can be for .com, .net, .org. or ANY other extension, even country specific domain names.

— This type of service will not work for affiliate links or referral types of links. —

You only need to buy this service once for your website!
Payments Accepted: Paypal
NOTE: If you have any questions, comments or need any information then please send me a message here on eBay and I will be happy to answer them. I always do everything I can to make my customers happy as seen by my feedback rating.

To get faster delivery of this submission service, please make sure to send me the URL/website or blog address by either a note attached to your payment invoice or through a message here on eBay after you make the payment.