Facebook LIVE Cheatsheet – Every Tool You Need to Go LIVE on Facebook

Facebook LIVE has created a whole new opportunity for you to engage and interact with your fans in real-time.

It’s also getting the most organic reach. Simply by doing Facebook LIVE videos, you’re going to get in front of more of your fans vs. a photo, link post, or text. It’s the fastest and easiest way to “hack” the Facebook algorithm.

You can even do entire webinars using Facebook LIVE. Grabbing more attention, likes, shares, and comments.

You can use Facebook LIVE to…

  • Share some of your favorite tips.
  • Give a tour of your office.
  • Do a live Q & A.
  • Interviews.
  • Broadcast live events.
  • Share your favorite place to work.
  • Announce your latest blog post and pull out some of your favorite tips.
  • Show off your pet!
  • Share a book review.
  • Share the view when you’re on vacation.
  • Unbox something.
  • Share your goals.
  • Share your morning routine.
  • Announce a product launch.
  • Give a tour of your member’s area.


But what tools do you need to go live?

Your iphone? A camera? A tripod?

I share 3 of my favorite setups below…

Level 1: The fastest, easiest way to get started with Facebook Live is just using your phone. And this is where I recommend you start. Because it’s all about speed of implementation. Plus, these simple videos from your phone create an intimacy and a connection that you just can’t get with pure text.<

Almost any modern phone these days takes great video. But the Iphone and Samsung Galaxy are both really good options that create amazing photos and video. Start with whatever you have.

I also recommend getting an external microphone for your phone. This will make your audio a lot better.

The best available option I’ve found is the Rode VideoMic Me. It plugs directly into your phone and creates great sound quality.

You can also use a small tripod like the RetiCAM which allows you to set your phone on a tabletop. It’s also light enough that you can use it like a selfie stick and walk around while you’re doing your videos.

In order to attach your phone to a tripod, you’ll need an adapter. I’ve tried multiple adapters and the Vastar brand works best.

Total Cost: $40 – $100 + your phone

Level 2: In this level, you’ll be going live from your desktop or laptop. The first thing you’ll need is a good webcam. The Logitech C920 is the BEST webcam available right now. Creates amazing video quality for just $60.

You’ll also need a good external microphone. I recommend the Blue Yeti or a Lav Mic.

Now… one of the biggest keys to great video is good lighting. You can use traditional lamps or even clamp lights to light up your face.

But I personally use the Diva Ring Light. This light is a bit pricier but can make all the difference in your videos. And it’s super easy to setup, even if you’re working in a small space.

In level 2, you can go live directly from Facebook. Or you can use one of my favorite live streaming software…Lightstream. Which is completely free and allows you to share your desktop, webcam, add overlays, and much more.

Total Cost: $200 – $479 (Depending on which lighting setup you choose.)

Level 3:

In level 3, we’re going to use a green screen. Which allows you to change up the background. One week you can be in a studio office, the next week you can be on the ocean. It’s totally up to you. Here are some examples…

Fun stuff 🙂

There are lots of different green screens to choose from. But I’m a big fan of the Impact Collapsible Background. It’s green on one side and blue on the other.

I also recommend getting a stand for your green screen. It will make your life a whole lot easier. The StudioPro Stand does the trick for us. And it’s only $25.

The key to creating realistic videos with your green screen is to properly LIGHT the green screen. For that you’ll need 2 lights. I use and recommend the YONGNUO YN300. They are $60 each. But they’re well worth it and put out a lot of light. They run on a battery so you’ll need to grab some batteries as well. I use these.

Although I recommend the DSTE 970’s because they’ll keep their charge longer. Both come with a charger.

Now for the teleprompter. This part is optional. But for me it’s been a HUGE help. I can crank out videos much faster without having to memorize big, long scripts.

Traditionally – teleprompters can get very expensive. But the price has come down over the years. Especially now that you can use an iPad (or pretty much any tablet) with your teleprompter. I use the Prompt-It Teleprompter.

I’ve even seen a few options that are around $160. Like the one from Caddie Buddy. Which honestly looks like a really good option.

There are lots of great free teleprompter apps you can install on your tablet. I use “Simple Teleprompter” for my Android (Nexus 7).

You can use Teleprompt+ 3 on the IOS (Iphone).

I also really like using a Bluetooth Remote with my teleprompter. That way I can start and stop the prompter as needed. Which allows me to go off script and ad lib for a bit. Which I do quite a bit 🙂

Makes your videos a lot more personal.

Total Cost: $600 – $800 (Depending on whether or not you add a teleprompter.)

Whew! I know this can seem like a LOT.

But remember… start with level 1.

Facebook has made it super simple to go live directly from your smartphone.

And it’s one of the best ways to engage with your audience. It’s all about community and connection.

People can relate when you’re real, raw, and vulnerable.

You be you. And you will naturally start to build a following of raving fans.

Happy Streaming!


Kim Roach

Click Here to Download a PDF Version of all the Facebook LIVE Tools.