The 85-Year-Old Blogger

A few days ago I received an email
from an 85-year-old blogger.

He told me his friends ridiculed him
when he told them about his blogging

Luckily, my new friend isn’t phased
by a few “hecklers”.

He setup his own WordPress blog
and started sharing his knowledge
on the world wide web.

That’s the cool thing about the

It doesn’t matter how old (or how young)
you are.

There are 12-year old gamers making
money on YouTube.

A 90-year-old grandmother who has
nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

And millions of other people who are
now growing their own platform.

Building an audience on Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest,
Twitch, and LinkedIn.

Tapping into existing audiences.

My dad did the same thing.

He’s not 85. But he started his online
business after he retired from 30+
years of teaching middle school.

He now has over 700+ paid members
in his membership site.


It doesn’t matter how old (or how young)
you are.

Your education. Your race. Your gender.
Yor sexuality. Or what you look like
when you get out of bed.

Does NOT matter.

The Internet has eliminated the “gatekeepers”.

And given all of us an opportunity to grow
our tribe, share our knowledge, and make
an impact.

Plus… have a lot of fun along the way.

And in my mind – that’s a life worth living.

Whether you’re an 85-year-old blogger
or an 8th grade gamer on YouTube.

The Internet has opened the doors to
a worldwide audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how to grow
an audience, create your own products, and
make an impact – check out the Marketing Lab.

Where we teach creative souls how to get
paid, do what you love, and shake up
the status quo.



8 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts

You spend hours writing a single blog post. In fact, I’ve spent up to 12 hours writing a single post. Then… you go out and promote it. Share it on social media. Send an email to your subscribers.

You get a spike in traffic.

And then it’s over.

I call it the roller coaster blogging effect. Each time you write a new post, you get a new spike in traffic.


How do you get more eyeballs on your content?

The answer…

Is repurposing.

Or recycling as I like to call it 🙂

Turning your blog post into multiple formats to increase the reach of every new piece of content you create.

That means converting your blog post into an audio, video, slide deck, infographic, lead magnet, and more.

This can 10X the number of visitors, subscribers, and sales you generate from any given blog post.

So let’s jump into the nitty gritty…

1. Convert Your Blog Post Into a Podcast.


This is one of the simplest ways to extend the reach of your content. You can use a free tool called to convert your article into a podcast. All you have to do is click the record button and talk into your phone.

It doesn’t get much easier than that 🙂

This way people can listen to your content while they’re on the go. At the gym. In the car. Or making dinner!

You could hire a voiceover artist on Fiverr to do this. But I think it’s way more personal (and engaging) when it’s coming from you.

Next… you can submit your audio to the top podcast directories like iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and Stitcher Radio.

Expanding the reach of EVERY piece of content you create.

Plus, Anchor will automatically convert your audio into a cool video that you can share on social media.

Double win.

2. Convert Your Content Into Slides to Increase Your Website Traffic.

You can get a lot of additional eyeballs by converting your content into a slideshow. Using tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, or Haiku Deck.

Include one key point on each slide. Then upload your slide deck to sites like The number one presentation site online. With over 60 million visitors every month.

You can use SlideShare to double the number of people who see your content.

Because not only can you upload a slide deck. But you can also upload a PDF version of your blog post. An infographic of your blog post. And embedded YouTube Videos.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to do all this yourself. There are lots of highly talented designers you can hire on Fiverr to create great-looking slides, videos, and infographics.

Additional Resources:

SlideShare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days
How to Get Insane Amounts of Traffic and Subscribers from SlideShare
Slideshare: How I got 2,000,000 Views (Presentation Examples)

3. Convert Your Blog Post Into a Video.

Videos are a great way to increase your traffic, engage with your audience, and open up an entirely new distribution channel.

You can use a free tool called Lumen5 to convert your article into a video.

Simply upload your blog post and their artificial intelligence system will help you match up your content with relevant videos, photos, and music. In 10 minutes or less, you’ve got a professional video on your hands!

I posted one of my Lumen5 videos to my Facebook page and it already has over 1,000 views!

Plus, you can also syndicate that video on YouTube, LinkedIn,, Facebook, and embed it on SlideShare.

Multiplying your traffic with a single video.

4. Facebook LIVE.

Do a live video talking about your latest blog post.

Of course, you won’t be reading it word for word. But instead… talk about why you wrote it. Go into a few of the topics. Share any stories, case studies, or examples that might apply.

This new LIVE video format allows you to add a bit of context and engage with your readers at the same time.

Plus, it sends additional traffic to your blog.

Because after hearing you talk about it, they’re definitely going to want to go read the full post 🙂

5. Turn Your Blog Post Into an Infographic.

Infographics are a visual representation of your blog post. They generate a lot more shares on Pinterest and pack a lot of value into one gorgeous image.

Plus, there are lots of directories online that allow you to submit your infographic for increased reach and additional backlinks.

You can create your own infographic online with tools like Venngage, Piktochart, or Canva.

Or… you can hire someone. My personal favorite 🙂

There are some great infographic designers on Fiverr. Just be sure to send them examples of other infographics that you like. The better you’re able to communicate what you’re wanting to create, the closer your designer will be able to get to your original “vision”.
Additional Resources:

60,000 Visitors and Counting: How to Double Your Traffic With Infographics
How to Perfectly Optimize Your Infographic for SEO
Case Study: How 4 Infographics Generated Over 10,000 Social Shares

6. Convert Your Blog Post into a Lead Magnet.

Here’s a cool idea for you…

Why not turn your blog post into a lead magnet. Or package together a few of your blog posts and turn them into a PDF.

This is really easy using tools like or

Older posts on your blog can often get buried in the archives. So why not package them up and promote them via a landing page. In your sidebar. Or pop-up.

This gives you an instant lead magnet (free gift) that you can now giveaway to your subscribers in exchange for name and email.

So you no longer have an excuse not to be growing your email list 🙂

Easy peasy.

7. Take a Screenshot of your Lead Magnet.

Now that you’ve converted your blog post into a PDF, let’s do something else that I’ve been seeing a lot of on Facebook.

Take a video scrolling through the lead magnet itself. You can do this for free using a tool like Loom.

You can then upload the video to Facebook.

In the description, say something like…

“Comment below if you’d like access to our latest report.”

You would then send the report to everyone who comments.


You can use ManyChat’s commenting feature to automatically send them a Facebook message with the free report. Which grows your Facebook messenger list.

My favorite new communication platform… right after email 🙂

Additional Resources:

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger Feature
How to Turn Facebook Comments into Subscribers

8. Plug the Content Into Your Autoresponder Series.

And finally… you can add your best blog posts to your autoresponder series.

This will introduce your new subscribers to your best content right off the bat. Building rapport and turning new subscribers into raving fans.

It also generates a consistent, perpetual flow of traffic back to your blog.

It’s a simple, easy way to repurpose (and recycle) your blog posts for increased traffic.

So many people spend their time creating new content, when they could be getting a LOT more out of the content they already have.

You’ve probably heard the saying…

Spend 20% of your time creating content. 80% of your time promoting it. You’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck by taking the extra time to promote your blog post.

Through content repurposing. Blogger Outreach. Traffic tagging. Facebook Messenger Broadcasts. Push Notifications. And more.

How to Double Your Email List in the Next 30 Days

Double Your Email List Blogging is a great way to build an audience, grow your list, and start generating revenue online.

Unfortunately, 99% of bloggers fail.

Sad… but true.

And it’s because while many bloggers are creating great content, they rarely know how to convert that content into traffic, subscribers, and sales.

All too often, most blogs are just one BIG leaky bucket. With hundreds of visitors coming to the site but leaving in a mass exodus never to be seen again.

In this article, you’ll learn how to “capture” that traffic and turn them into subscribers, customers, and long-term raving fans.

A.K.A… Let’s build your cult following!

Double Your Email List with WordPress Plugins

It starts with using the right tools.

There are some great WordPress plugins that will help you convert that hard-earned traffic into subscribers.

My favorite is Thrive Leads.

thrive leads templates

Which allows you to easily create pop-ups, sticky bars, content upgrades, 2-step optins, welcome mats, slide-in boxes and more.

Turning your blog into a list building machine.

But there’s one feature in particular that makes this one my favorites.

It’s called SmartLinks.

This allows you to show different content to different visitors.

So for new visitors you might show an opt-in box while existing subscribers might see an option to join your Facebook Messenger list or your latest product promotion.

Why keep showing the same ‘ol pop-up to your existing subscribers?

It doesn’t make sense.

Instead… let’s use that opportunity to show your other offers!

Thrive Leads is one of the most sophisticated WordPress plugins for growing your email list.

And I’ve tried a lot of them.

Ok – now that we’ve got the most powerful plugin in our toolbox, let’s start converting your traffic into subscribers.

So first, we’re going to add a screen filler lightbox to your blog.

This is the fastest way to increase conversions on your blog.

For us, it converts around 4% to 5% of our visitors into subscribers.

This tool essentially turns every page on your blog INTO a squeeze page.

So that when they land on your site, a full screen lightbox fills the page to offer them some sort of free gift in exchange for name and email.

Screen Filler Lightbox

If they’re not interested, they can easily close the lightbox and go back to reading the article.

It’s a great way to turn first time visitors into lifelong subscribers and customers.

But you can also use the screen filler lightbox to promote your latest product, grow your Facebook messenger list, invite people to an upcoming webinar or grow your social media following.

The possibilities are endless!

And with Thrive Leads, you can show different offers to different visitors based on whether or not they have subscribed yet.

How cool is that?

Dramatically Boost Conversions with Content Upgrades

The next strategy for growing your email list is to add content upgrades to each of your blog posts.

This right here is GOLD.

Now – if you’re thinking “oh I’ve heard of that”.

I want you to stop and tell me if you’re actually DOING IT.

Because that’s the only thing that matters.

[tweet_dis excerpt=”There’s ONE big difference in those who succeed and those who don’t. Successful people TAKE ACTION on what they learn. Knowledge without action holds no value.”]There’s a BIG difference in knowing something and DOING something.[/tweet_dis]

So let me show you some of the easiest ways to implement this strategy.

Because I think for a lot of people – what holds them back is that this can actually be quite complicated and time-consuming.

Setting up a special content upgrade for each and every blog post.

So let’s make it easier.

The easiest way to implement content upgrades on your blog is to use a premium WordPress plugin called Post Gopher.

post gopher white

This plugin automates the entire process.

Simply install the plugin and everything is done for you:

1. Post Gopher automatically converts your posts blog posts into gorgeous PDF lead magnets.

2. Adds a 2-step optin form to EVERY post.

3. Automatically emails your new subscriber the free PDF.

4. And adds your new subscriber to your autoresponder of choice.

It’s simple, easy and elegant.

I’ve spent hours setting up a content upgrade for a SINGLE blog post.

Now, with this plugin you can add high-converting content upgrades to EVERY post with just a few clicks.

Seriously… I wish I’d created this plugin myself.

But I’m just glad someone did.

Now – If you’re going the manual route, you’ll need to setup a 2-step optin that allows people to download a PDF version of the blog post they’re currently reading.

Yeah, I know, you’re probably wondering why on earth someone would want to download a PDF version of the exact article they’re already reading.

But the fact of the matter is that people are busier than ever. If we find some good info on your blog, we want to save it for later. And the easiest way to do that is to offer a PDF version of the blog post.

We have blog posts that have generated 1,000’s of subscribers from just this ONE strategy.

In fact, as soon as we started using content upgrades, it tripled the conversion rate on our blog.

On average, you can expect to see around 10% conversion rates from your content upgrade.

[tweet_box design=”box_10″ float=”none” excerpt=”Convert 10% of your visitors into subscribers using Content Upgrades!”]Convert 10% of your visitors into subscribers using Content Upgrades![/tweet_box]

And the reason it performs so well is because it’s directly related to what your visitor ALREADY interested in. It’s a congruent offer.

You can also create custom content upgrades. Here are a few examples…

  • A “Part 2” of your blog post.
  • An additional video tutorial.
  • A worksheet they can download.
  • A cheatsheet version of the blog post.
  • An audio version.
  • Etc…

Or you can keep it simple and just offer a PDF version of the post itself.

They both convert really well and it’s a lot less work on your part.

You can also setup your content upgrades using Thrive Leads.

In fact, Thrive Leads will even deliver the free PDF to your new subscriber using a feature called “Asset Delivery“.

thrive leads asset delivery

So you don’t have to worry about setting up multiple lists or forms in your autoresponder for every single content upgrade.

Been there. Done that. Wasn’t fun 🙂

But Thrive Leads makes it easy.

Next up we’re going to turn your homepage into a list building machine.

Now – this one is optional.

So don’t get your panties in a wad if this is just too many things for your to-do list.

I get it.

This is just a little cherry on top.

We’ve already covered the BIGGIES.

Now we’re just having some fun.

So if you like to geek out on this kind of stuff, let’s continue…

Turn Your Homepage Into a Lead Machine

Your homepage is one of the most visited sites on your entire website.

And most people who go there have already read one of your blog posts.

So why not give use the home page to give them an opportunity to go deeper and join your list!

On, we give away our blog promotion checklist on our homepage. Which adds hundreds of additional subscribers to our list.

But you can also get fancy with it.

Here’s a screenshot of the Wonderlass Homepage.


As you can see, she gives her visitors a couple different choices based on which topic they’re most interested in.

But every link leads to an opt-in page.

This also allows her to segment her list based on interest.

How cool is that?

Here’s another example from Derek Halpern.

social triggers

Now if that wasn’t cool enough for you, this next strategy will surely do the trick.

Multiply Your Traffic, Subscribers & Shares With a Viral Loop

This is where you start putting all that traffic to work. Creating an endless “traffic loop”.

Here’s how it works…

viral loop

When someone subscribes to your blog, they are taken to what’s called a thank-you page.

Now – most people just say “Thanks for subscribing! Your free PDF is on the way.”

They just blew one of the biggest opportunities on their entire blog.

Because this is yet ANOTHER high-traffic page on your blog and it can do wonders for your traffic.

Here’s what you do instead…

We’re going to use a little Worpdress plugin called SmartBribe.

This is going to allow you to bribe your new subscribers to share your content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

So on the thank-you page they are offered yet another free gift. A bonus so to speak.


To claim their free bonus, all they have to do is share your blog post on their favorite social media site.

And bada bing badda boom…. the bonus content is unlocked.

buzzblogger Bonus Unlocked

These viral thank-you pages will help you generate hundreds of additional social shares. Creating a perpetual traffic machine.

Which continues to fuel your blog and grow your email list.

In fact, you can also use this strategy on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.

How a Viral Loop on LinkedIn Got Me 76K Email Subscribers in 1 Month

Ok my fellow bloggers – you are now equipped with everything you need to start building a large email list of raving fans who gobble up all your cool stuff.

Remember – you don’t have to do a 100 different things to grow your email list.
Just stick to the BIGGIES.

Stick to the 80/20. Work smarter (while your competition works harder.)

Generate Epic Content Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Generate Epic Content Ideas in 10 Minutes or LessWe have more opportunity online these days than ever before.

Never in our history has it been easier to get your content published and READ by people all over the world. Whether you’re publishing on, your own WordPress blog, YouTube, or Facebook.

There are hundreds of content distribution platforms and everyone now has an audience.

Heck… even your grandmother has an audience. I know plenty of grandma’s with 1,000’s of friends on Facebook. Don’t doubt the social influence of grandma.

Social media has given everyone a voice. And for the startup entrepreneur, this is an unprecedented opportunity to grow your audience, your brand, and your business.


To become an influencer in your market, you’ll need LOTS of content. Feeding (and growing) your audience requires a consistent flow of blog posts, emails, and social media content.

Fortunately, there are some pretty cool tools online for coming up with endless content ideas.

Here’s how to serve up tasty content, even when you’re running low on inspiration…

1. Buzzsumo.

I’ll admit… I’ve got a bit of a crush on BuzzSumo.

As a blogger, it’s one of my all-time favorite tools.

Simply enter a topic and BuzzSumo will spit out the most popular articles on that topic. You can then sort the results by total engagement, Pinterest shares, Twitter shares, or number of Facebook likes.


You can also find out the most popular content on your competitors blog. Simply plug in the url of a related blog and BuzzSumo will show you which of their articles are getting the most social media shares.

With just a few quick searches, you’ll have an endless number of potential blog post ideas.

Plus, they also have what’s called the “Facebook Analyzer”, which allows you to plug in a Facebook fan page and find their most popular posts.

Pure GOLD right there.

Makes it super easy to come up with engaging posts for your followers.

The number of things that you can do with this tool are endless. Lots of hidden gems to be found 🙂

2. YouTube.

This is one I don’t see people talking about very often.

But YouTube is a treasure trove of content ideas and inspiration.

Click on any channel, then go to the “Videos” section of that channel. From there you’ll be able to sort ALL of their videos by number of views. Showing all the most popular videos on top.

I’ve found sooooo many great content ideas with this little trick.

youtube screenshot1

3. Quora.

Quora is a question and answer site with over 200 million monthly unique visitors.

Simply plugin a keyword and you’ll unlock hundreds of popular questions on that topic.

You can also explore Quora via their topic portals. They have sections for just about any topic you can imagine. Everything from parenting and homeschooling to paleo and the keto diet.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the topic page for Search Engine Optimization.

quora screenshot1</a.

You can also find the most viewed writers for each topic as well.

So for example, I can view Neil Patel’s profile and then view his most popular answers in the past 30-days. Which unlocks 100’s of new content ideas.

Quora allows you to quickly and easily find new blog post ideas, find key influencers in your market and create unique, well-researched content for your next article.

4. Twitter.

Before I write ANY article, I always do a quick search on Twitter to find out some of the most popular content being created on that topic.

Simply go to and put your keyword in the search box.

Click enter and you’ll find 100’s of the most popular articles on that topic. You could literally do all of your research right there on Twitter.

Plus, you’ll get lots of great hooks and headline ideas.

On the search results page, you can also click on “Photos” to see what kind of images people are using to illustrate articles on this topic.

twitter seo search photos screenshot

Within 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll have everything you need to write your next great blog post!

5. Pinterest.

Pinterest has been a source of inspiration for how to decorate your house, what to make for dinner, and all the latest fashion trends.

But it’s also an endless source of content ideas!

Anytime you need some inspiration, just head on over to Pinterest and plug your keyword into the search box.

You can browse through 100’s of articles on that topic and take note of anything that strikes your fancy.

Plus, at the top of the search results, Pinterest will show you what else people are searching for around that topic.

So for example, when I search for keto, Pinterest gives you the most popular keywords in that niche.

keto pinterest screenshot

Keto recipes

Keto meal plan

Keto diet

Keto meatballs

Keto fat bombs

Keto dessert

Keto before and after

Keto for beginners

Keto shopping list

So not only is Pinterest a source of content ideas, but it’s also a great little keyword research tool as well.

One other little cool trick for you…

If you want to see what your competitors are pinning, you can use the following url.

Simply replace with any related website in your market. This will show you ALL of the pins from that website.

Endless content inspiration.


Reddit is one of the lesser-known social media sites online. But it shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, this little powerhouse gets 14 billion pageviews per month.

And it’s a hotspot for endless content ideas and inspiration.

From the homepage, you can do a quick search on the right-hand side. Under “posts”, you’ll find some of the most popular articles and conversations around that topic.

Reddit Search

You can also sort the results by relevance or popularity.

This one feature alone often helps me to generate a month’s worth of content.

But there are a few more tricks of the trade.

Whenever you’re doing a search on reddit, you can also use a number of filters to narrow down your results.

For example, I can search for:

title:”email marketing”

To find posts that have that exact phrase in the title.

Or I can use something like this if I’m searching for specific types of content…

title:content marketing infographic

And it doesn’t stop there.

One of my favorite ways to browse Reddit is through what they call subreddits.

Subreddits are like mini communities within Reddit, covering just about every topic you can imagine.

Here’s an example of a Subreddit on SEO…

reddit seo seach screenshot

But the real magic comes in being able to sort the threads by popularity.

At the top of every Subreddit you’ll see a link that says “Top”. When you click that link you’ll be able to sort the top threads in the last 24 hours, week, month, year or all time.

So much like BuzzSumo, you’re able to find some of the most popular articles, headlines and hot topics.

It’s a great source for blog post ideas, titles, email subject lines and more.

Just don’t copy! Tweak, modify and give it your own unique voice 🙂


Here’s a cool tool that presents content visually. You simply plugin a keyword and their automated system uses Google Autocomplete to come up with 100’s of different keywords, content ideas, and frequently asked questions.

answerthepublic content marketing screenshot

Plus, it gives you lots of long tail keywords that you can weave into your blog post. Great little keyword research tool. You can then scrape the results and plug them into a site called to find out how many searches per month each keyword generates.

If you do any sort of content marketing, this is definitely a tool you’ll want to keep handy.


This is probably one of the best (and most affordable) alternatives to BuzzSumo. Using Feedly, you can stay on top of all your favorite blogs in one place.

Feedly Screenshot

And the cool part is that you can then sort the results by number of social shares. Allowing you to find the most popular blog posts within your feed.

It also allows you to quickly find the most popular content from any specific blog. So you can plug in your competitors and find what’s working best for them.

Plus, for just $7 per month you can upgrade to their Pro Plan.

Which allows you to find the most popular articles for ANY keyword. Much like – but for a fraction of the price.

To get the best results though, you’ll need to effectively use the filters to find relevant results.

Here are the settings I find work best…

feedly sort

9. iTunes.

Here’s one that many people don’t take advantage of.

iTunes has a super cool feature that unlocks hundreds of new blog post ideas. Simply navigate to some of your favorite podcasts and then click on “popularity”.

This will sort ALL of the podcast episodes by popularity.

Every podcast is now an instant source of fresh content ideas.

10. Good ‘ol pen & paper.

After you’ve experimented with the strategies above, you’ll find that you often have LOTS of ideas swirling around in your head.

So now it’s time to get those ideas on paper.

Or what I call a virtual brain dump.

You can use ‘ol fashioned paper or simply open up a notepad on your computer.

Now that you’ve done your research, you should have lots of ideas flowing. Set the timer for 10 minutes and write down every content idea that comes to your mind.

There’s NO filtering here. This is a virtual brain dump.

No one is ever going to see this so there’s no need to filter your thoughts. In fact, that’s what often causes paralysis. We overthink what we’re writing instead of letting it flow.

The best content often comes from writing via a “stream of consciousness”.

So set the timer for 10 minutes and write down every content idea that comes to mind. Don’t stop writing until the timer is up!

By the end of this session, you should have a month’s worth of content ideas.

Another cool tool you can use is called “The Most Dangerous Writing App“. This app forces you to write without stopping.

If you stop typing for too long, all of your progress will be lost.

I find that I do some of my best work using this tool. Because it shuts off that nagging part of your brain that is always prejudging and overanalyzing everything you put to paper.

That’s why many great writers say… “Write drunk. Edit sober.”

typing sober gif

After you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll have at least a month’s worth of content ideas ready to go. So the next time you sit down to write a blog post, you won’t be racking your brain for ideas. You’ll simply pull from your list of proven, popular topics.

Now… over to you!

Are there any other tips or tools you use to come up with fresh, new content ideas?

Share with us in the comments below.